Contour inside tight Corner

I am trying to cut out a circle with a name in it, refer to image. The entire inside of the circle will be cut out except for the name. There are a few spots where its a tight corner and I want to have the router get as close as possible. The 1/8 bit that im using gets close but i think i can get it closer. I have 15 and 30 degree bits as well as some thin tapered bits. Any thoughts on getting into the tight corners?

If you have a BitSetter please try the Advanced V carving feature with pocket clearing.

To do this by hand see:


I do have the bit setter. I have used the Advanced V carving as well. It looks like it will get the corner that i need. However it will have a lot of wasted time going around the parts that are already cut out. Im thinking my order of operations would be:

  1. Inside contour to remove the bulk of the material
  2. Manually remove the large part of the inner circle before starting with new bit
  3. Advanced v-carve with v bit only no pocket

Would this sound right?

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