Contour path vs Pocket path for letters Carbide Create

I am trying to figure out how to cut my letters. I made this today (for a bunny) and I want to cut the name as a solid letter. I used a 60 vbit, contour path. If I use the pocket path do I still use the vbit?

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The pocket would be done with a bit small enough to carve inside the lettering. If you don’t have one small enough it won’t actually carve it. What I use for lettering like that is the advanced vCarve. So similar to this it actually uses two bits. It will use a 1/16" endmill to carve out the inner portion and then use the Vbit to carve the edges and clean it up with the nice bevel.

I believe that this requires the bitsetter though. That allows you to change bits mid cut and I an so happy that I bought it since it saves a ton of time with bit changes and having only one .nc file for the whole project.

If you don’t have one but order one make sure it is the one for your machine.


I did order one and it arrives tomorrow!


That is great. Other than the Shapeoko itself it has been the best purchase I have made for all of this. Well, that and dust collection.


Very cute project! :rabbit:
We used to have bunnies. If I remember correctly they like to chew on wood.
Safe Wood types for your bunny

Yes, they will definitely chew on it. I raise bunnies and love to build things for them. That was the reason I wanted the Shapeoko. :heart_eyes:

Maybe your next project may be an exercise wheel. :checkered_flag:
Would lazy-Susan hardware work for that, or Barings may be better?

Nope, not for bunnies. Wheels are bad for their backs. It’s better just to let them run around. :slight_smile:

Maybe a nice hammock to sleep in.

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Castles are fun too. I made this one a while ago, excited to see what I can make with the Shapeoko!


@AmyBailey I assume you used rabbit joints for that project?

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That is too CUTE! Very nice work. Very creative.
I can tell you used rabbit BUTT joints.

How about a car bed.

We had Lop Eared bunnies too. Our dog liked the challenge of getting carrots out of the bunny cage. Then he wanted us to put them back in so he could do it again. Wouldn’t do anything with them once out of the cage.

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I had to look that up! lol. No I did not. Just wood glue and nails.

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