Contour-toolpath in F360

So I finally received my 1/4" collet and am about to start my first project.

I plan to make some drawers for my shop in MDF, using - I don’t know the term, so I’ll just call them - tabs, to put them together:

The issue is, that since I only have the #201 the corners are going to have a fillet of half the diameter of the #201, which is going to make it hard to put it together with the other half.

Is there an easy way to tell F360 to cut a little way into each corner, to make sure all material is gone?

What I need it to do is something like this:

There’s a few ways to do it, several ‘draw the feature’ approaches

and then there is apparently a plugin for this, not tried it myself but it may be worth a look


There is a plugin that is free on f360 called Mickymouse that I used before and it is good as it does 99% of the mouse ears for you.

About to got to bed will give you link tomorrow night



Thank you for your replies.

I was thinking/hoping maybe there was an option or command in the manufacture-part that I wasn’t aware of.

The quickest right now is probably just to manually add the mm-ears to my design and be done with it.

Might look into the plugin if it becomes a reoccurring thing for me.

Box joints.

I wrote up a bit about these at:

and c.f.,

where either a V endmill or cove radius bit is used to relieve them so that they will fit together w/o the need for dogbones and will be less aesthetically displeasing.

Working on what I hope will be my next-to-last joinery system (the last seems to require conic sections — anyone want to tutor me in higher maths?) which I hope will be posted presently.

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@spinner this is what i use More elegant CNC dogbones

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