Contour Toolpath Question

I am trying to make a contour toolpath with an offset direction of “Inside / Left”. (This object started as an imported dxf file.) When I create a toolpath parts are Inside but other parts are Outside. I could select them separately to get all tool paths correct but my whole project would involve doing this hundreds of times. Any idea how I can get the tool paths to match? See attached picture for a visual of what I am trying to explain.

Thanks for any help you might be able to provide.

11-28-2021 6-30-42 PM

Can you share the DXF?

It is huge, and this is just a small part of it. It is also a purchased file and I would not want to make it public as such. I think I found a very similar question on the forum back from 2016. The source dxf is the same (from

But I don’t have access to the tools mentioned to solve it. Freehand is not available any more, but I do have Inkscape. I don’t have DraftSight, but I do now have Fusion 360, which I have not yet learned to use, but will if necessary.

Understood. You can send it to me in a PM, and I could get back to you.
Looks like you’d just need to combine nodes on those paths you reference.

I sent you the dxf. If I try to edit the nodes I get the choice of Smooth or Delete no Combine option.

I tried joining the nodes in Inkscape but that did not seem to work.

What about in Create?

In Inkscape, I’d need to:

  1. Select separate paths
  2. Ctrl+K to Combine
  3. Select new, combined path with node editing tool
  4. Ctrl+A to select All nodes
  5. Click Join Nodes button

As @neilferreri noted, the problem here is the paths are not being closed when imported.

Please send the file in to and we will do our best to assist.

And perhaps contact Clayton or Lisa Boyer, if they’ve been selling a bad DXF for over 5 years perhaps a simple edit is in order?

I have had inconsistent results with these two methods, but I think with repeated tries I can get things fixed. It seems to do best when I strip the objects down to just one piece/gear and then attempt the join. I will probably have to do about 20 individual files but I can do that easy enough. I’ll let you know how it goes. I got three done so far.

Forgot to mention… these steps seem to increase the odds of it working:

Depending on what you’re doing, you may be able to do it faster in Inkscape just selecting several paths with the node editor, selecting ALL nodes, and using the Join selected nodes tool I mentioned above. You could do entire gears like that.

EDIT (posted in PM…thought it might help someone else too):
There is some junk on the far left side of the svg…get rid of it. Then…

  1. Select All
  2. Switch to node editing
  3. Select all nodes
  4. Click Join Nodes button
    That’s it!

I usually combine paths on things like this too (Ctrl+K).

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