Controller woes

Curious if anyone knows what kind of testing Carbide does on controllers prior to shipping.

The controller on my brand new machine alternated between initializing fine and throwing grbl 8 errors and not releasing the x-axis.

The replacement they sent failed to initialize at all right from the start, and threw a hm001 error and the z-axis failed to initialize.

I let it rest for a while (off), and now my computer says it cannot connect to the controller at all.

Very frustrating to say the least, esp. given the long time lags on responses from tech support.

I am on my second controller waiting on my third.
NOT what I would expect for a machine that I have over $4k in that had less than 30 hours of run time on it for sure
Good thing I’m not relying on this as a business

I’m heading into yet another support adventure and what looks likely to be my 3rd controller for my new S5Pro, I am considering alternatives to gut out the unreliable controller this machine ships with for a better one.

For reference I’m an experienced electrical and controls troubleshooter, I managed the support department for an industrial controls engineering firm for 3 years, if I can’t keep this thing running reliably who can? Hopefully it’s just a bad run of luck with hardware but it’s concerning how often you hear about these issues.

What is strange, the number of people you and I never hear from… It is working for them. I have no idea why this issue pops up with some machines??

Good luck to you

Turned out to be an overheating issue here