Controlling canned cycles and retraction height

Hey everyone!

So I’m using the nomad and I was wondering if there was a way to control what type of canned cycle the gcode generator is using for bores/slots. After playing around with my nomad for a while it seems that sometimes the gcode will tell it to retract to the retraction height after one layer of the canned cycle has been completed. Sometimes the gcode will just keep cutting to the desired depth without retracting at all. This is ideal and Id like to make my gcode always do this because it makes things go so much faster.

Anyone got any ideas what I could do?


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This is not a feature of Carbide Motion, but is a feature of what you use to generate the Gcode. CM sends the code produced by another tool to the machine, but has no control over it.

If you are using a tool like Fusion360 or Solidworks/HSM, then there are LOT of options for control. If you are using Meshcam, there are a few. If you tell us what you are using to produce teh Gcode, may be able to help.

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