'Convert to Curves' messes up existing toolpaths

If you have a toolpath that involves a Text object, and then do ‘Convert to curves’ on that Text object, then they are completely removed from the existing toolpaths.

I would rather that the Curves created replace the text objects in any toolpaths that refer to the original Text object.

To repro

  • Create some text
  • Add a toolpath that refers to that text (for example, a VCarve)
  • ‘Convert to Curves’

Result is an empty toolpath, instead the VCarve should now operate on the created Curves.

From a google search I found:

No, the Convert to Curve simply changes the text from an editable text object, to a Curve object which may be node edited: https://carbide3d.com/blog/merging-script-fonts-in-carbide-create/

I think CC treats text differently from other objects and this is likely why your text tool paths are empty because they no longer have text in them.

Maybe in the future they may convert the text in the toolpath that has been converted to curves but for now the text is gone and so are your toolpaths.


As @gdon_2003 noted — this operation creates a new object, so it’s not associated w/ the same toolpaths as the previous one — this is something which should be done before one begins making toolpaths.

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If you think you might not like the conversion then copy and paste your text. You could paste the text off the canvas and convert that text. If you dont like the conversion just delete it. Likely cntl Z would also work.

The internal programming details (that this is a new object) should not dictate the behaviour of the operation.

When I do ‘Convert to Curves’, I do not think of this as ‘creating a new object’. The mental model is “This object is now represented differently” but it is the same object. Having it now drop out of Toolpaths is an unexpected and unwelcome surprise, not expected behaviour.

I have to agree with this…the details of the implementation ideally are hidden from the end user. The user is not a programmer - or even an engineer, for that matter.

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