Convert V-Carve file?

A friend gave me a V-Carve file I would like to cut on my Shapeoko XXL. I am not sure how to convert it to a file I can use. Any suggestions?

Vectric uses proprietary file formats. If your friend didn’t export a G-Code file (extension .tap, .nc, &c.) and you have a .crv or similar file you’ll need a copy of Vectric’s software or your friend will need to export to G-Code with appropriate settings and inform you as to the details of stock type and size, origin relative to the stock, and where/how it’s safe to clamp. (verify that with a simulator such as Camotics).

This thread might help:

Post it; I have V-Carve Deskop and will convert it for you and send you back the g-code for your Shapeoko.

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Gary, thank you very much. I tried to upload them, but the forum will not accept the .gcode extension. Is there another way to get them to you?

If the extension is .gcode, that sounds like it’s already g-code ready for you to run, e.g. with Carbide Motion. Carbide Create names the g-code file .nc, but the contents are just g-code text, whatever the name or extension.

You can open a g-code file (of any extension), with Notepad (or open Notepad and drag and drop it onto the window, if that’s easier) and see the g-code text itself. Usually you’ll see mostly a bunch of lines starting with G or M with numbers, or lines with just X, Y, and/or Z coordinates.

If you want to upload the .gcode file to be looked over, you should be able to just rename it .nc and go from there.

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Make sure you preview the gcode before you run it. At minimum, you need to know where zeros were set and if will fit in the extents of your machine.

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Ask your friend which gave you the files which post processor he used to create the g-code (hopefully a Shapeoko post processor). If your friend has V-Carve Pro, ask him to run “Create Job Sheet” and send you the output. It’ll have things like the size of the stock, where to zero, and describe the tool paths and which bits they use.

I hope that helps.

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