Converting a CRV file to a .TAP file

I downloaded a free version of VCarve 9.5 to do my school project at home but when I tried to convert it to .tap it wouldn’t work unless I downloaded the full version which is about $1200 here. The school has VCarve Pro 8.5 but I can’t load my file on the school computers because it was edited by a later version of VCarve. How can I convert my project to a .tap file without paying for the full version of VCarve Pro 9.5 ?

I think you’re out of luck.

Got any details about the project? Was it ALL done in V-Carve?

Yea it was all done at home on the trial version. There’s no way of converting it to an earlier version ?

Not that I know of, but you can’t save or export anyway.

Just to be clear, you designed something from scratch in V-Carve?
There’s not much to the design part of V-Carve…couldn’t you just create it in Inkscape or similar and then import into V-carve at school?

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I can save it in the 2D format but I can’t then change it to the .tap file

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