Converting an XXL Shapeoko to an XL

I’ve been looking to purchase an XL for awhile now. While I would love to have an XXL, my space just doesn’t permit such a large machine. I recently came across an XXL Shapeoko at a fair price and I’m wondering what would be involved in converting this machine to the XL size? Is there a kit to make the change in footprint easier, or am I on my own to cut down the pieces? The machine is question is a Shapeoko 4 Pro.

No, there isn’t a downgrade kit.

Your best bet is to ask here on the forum if anyone has an SO3 XL to XXL conversion from the past that the XL parts are just laying around. Obviously your existing XXL wires will be too long but someone might have the original wiring with the XL rails. If not just bundle up the wires at the controller.

There is an old saying "Better to have it and not need it than need it and not have it. The SO3 XXL is basically 4’ x 4’ and the XL is 2’ x 4’ so not too much of extra space. You know what your space can handle but my SO3 XXL has been used to its maximum capacity a few times and I was glad to have it. The new tiling feature may solve the problem but I have not had a chance to use that yet.

If you are wanting an SO4 there is no upgrade from XL to XXL so you would need to buy an XL either used or new. The SO3 is a great machine and they do show up on market places.

Parts for a Shapeoko 3 won’t work for a Shapeoko 4 or Pro.

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