Converting File Types & Lua Error

Getting that dreaded Lua Error, so I read up on the various topics here on the forum and I think I got an understanding now.

I want to use simple line drawings, convert them to dxf, then cut. I’m using WinTopo (freeware version) to get a vector drawing. After clicking One-Touch Vectorization, it looks like this:

That looks like a beautiful setup, I save as dxf, move over to Carbide, try to insert the file, and get the Lua Error. I read about converting the dxf into “2004 lines”, but WinTopo does not have that function. If I get it, the required path is something like:

WinTopo > save as dxf > open in Illistrator > save as SVG > open in Inkscape > save as dxf (2004 lines) > open in CC

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To update while everyone is enjoying morning coffee like me, I opened the original in Inkscape, did the “Trace Bitmap” function, and got a good drawing with thick lines.

Since CC advertises it is compatible with DXF, I first saved as DXF. Tried to open in CC and got the Lua Error.

Went back to Inkscape and saved as SVG. It opened perfectly in CC.

I’m finding that CC does not like converted DXF, but loves converted SVG. That works for now so I’ll use that conversion process.

Fun side note: the SVG conversion was so good it made over 50 tool paths. I’ll probably pare that down a bit. :slight_smile: