Converting files

I have a quick question, is it possible to have my .prt file be converted to .dxf or something to have it work with my carbide motion :confused: I’m very confused

.prt is Corel Presentations?

Export to a PDF, open the PDF in Inkscape, adjust / fix as necessary so that you have a vector file with closed paths which describe the geometry which you wish to cut, save as an SVG

Open the SVG in Carbide Create, adjust as needed, add toolpaths, then save G-Code to send to the machine using Carbide Motion.

You may find this page helpful:

Thank you! now is Inkscape free?

okay so I converted it to a pdf but when I open it in Inkscape its just the text file like how do I “fix it” I don’t really know how :confused:

Please post the PDF here and we’ll see.

I suspect that you’re only getting the text from the presentation because all of the images are, or are being converted to, pixel images when making the PDF.

The file was too big so I had to go through google drive

That doesn’t seem to be what you want — it’s some sort of raw code — please create a PDF which shows what you want when opened in a PDF viewer and when saved to Google Docs (and re-downloaded).

hmmm okay, Ig Im messing with the wrong file