Cooling Fan and Vent Position (for enclosure)

Howdy all!

What are people using for a cooling fan for their enclosures? What is the best vent position and how large. I want to keep the sound down as much as possible since I am building a soundproof enclosure.

Thanks for all the help!

Heat rises so you want the fan up high and the vent down low. The most efficient would be the fan back high and the vent low front. You want cross air flow even if you put them on the sides you want vent closer to the front and the fan closer to the rear if on the sides. You can get 120 volt muffin fans or 12 or 5 volt. With the 12 and 5 volt fans you have to supply a power supply. With a 120 volt fan just plug it up.

Check out something like this. I am not suggesting this one but something like it.

You would need to calculate your square footage and then calculate the CFM needed to turn your air over inside the cabinet.

Just remember you are making an easy bake oven. The heat from cutting, the router and the electronics are all making heat so make sure you get enough CFM to move the air. Plus if you are using dust collection you need to give the dust collector enough CFM plus cooling to keep from chocking the duct collector and starving it for air.


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