Coordinate values do not change

I recently upgraded to CM4 and GRBL 1.1 but had trouble getting it to Home so I reflashed the electronics to GRBL 1.0 and went back to CM3. I set up and turned on homing, now when I try to jog the x, y and z coordinate values do not change when I jog the router. Has this happened to anyone else.

You need to use a version of Grbl which has the compiled in options to allow that to happen. Please use:

(that link from: GRBL 1.1 and Carbide Motion 4 )

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Hi William
I have everything working again on CM3 and GRBL 0.9. It was my mistake, when I changed from CM4 and GRBL 1.1 back to CM3 and GRBL 0.9 I did not hold the z limit button so I was still running GRBL 1.1 but with CM3 that is why it was not working. Still could not get CM4 and GRBL 1.1 working

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Glad that you’re up and running again!

Please let us know the specifics of your system at so that we can see if we can investigate why CM4 didn’t work.

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