Copper Generated x,y coordinates

(John Baumchen) #1

I was using Eagle to create the gerber files, imported them to the Carbide Copper online G-Code generator and it gave me the following, (partial only listed):

( Material Size )
( X= 152.400, Y= 101.600, Z= 1.580 )
( )
T501 M06
( Contour )
M03 S10000
G0 X35.459 Y75.888
G0 Z3.000
G01 F400 Z0
G01 F400 Z-0.100
G01F400X35.262 Y75.846
X35.078 Y75.764
X34.916 Y75.646
X34.781 Y75.496
X34.680 Y75.322
X34.618 Y75.130
X34.597 Y74.930
X34.618 Y74.730
X34.668 Y74.576

My question is why is it generating such large x,y values? I specified inches with zero offset, but these numbers are larger than my table. I’m using Mach 3 as the software program. Am I doing something wrong?

(Neil Ferreri) #2

It’s setting metric (mm) distance mode.