Copper Steampunk Dragonfly Solid-State Fidget Toy

Milling a steampunk dragonfly fidget toy, a little more than 2 inches tall, in 1/4 inch thick tellurium copper. I’ll be using hand engraving techniques to clean up and detail further, so stay tuned…

1/16” TiN coated carbide square and ball endmills, 250 mm/min feed, 25 mm/min plunge, 9200 rpm. I used WD-40 as a coolant, applied with an acid brush (lower right).

The upper left image is the original design on paper. From paper sketch to Adobe Illustrator line vectors to Scalable Vector Graphics (SVG) that are imported into Fusion360 to become the computer model for milling.


Very nice work! Love copper steampunk stuff, have a vape mod in same style finish.


Here’s the steampunk dragonfly on Side B of “Nightmare Frog Pocket Fetish II” finished. Next up, hand engrave the steampunk frog on Side A. 2 inches tall, 1/4 inch thick tellurium copper.