Copy a handwritten note and cnc to wood?

I am brand new to cnc and the Shapeoko 3. I want to copy a hand written note into carbide create and cnc the handwriting to wood. Is this possible?


You’ll need a scan or clean photo of it, and you’ll need to ensure that it has adequate contrast, then use a tool which processes images:

Another option, and probably the best one would be to re-create the letterforms as a font, preserving all of the variations as alternates, then creating a font which appropriately instantiates the alternates.


My years in the Cad department of a national firm, I simply scanned, imported into cad, enlarged greatly and traced over to create an electronic signiture , this way I was also able to duplicate the uneven widths that their pen stroke would produce. Absolutely perfect forgery, ligitimated by my boss’s request. Now I would use a vee bit and engrave it as Will stated. It takes time, but absolute exactness was my desire. My first time doing this scared the bosses because they could not believe how perfect a signiture it was and it was in the CAD system…Jude


Yeah, for a while, I had a little sideline business making fonts out of people’s signatures.

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