Corner bracket design

Somewhere I saw a corner hold down bracket similar to the one in the photo. The one I am looking for had a cutout for the z probe. I for the life of me can’t find it now. image

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I’m not sure but it may be the one from Ben @myerswoodshop. Maybe he will chime in.

It is thanks for the feedback.

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Check out:

You can also find it with Myers Woodshop on

and he had an shop

When I got the design you could pay a little at the etsy shop or get them free at his blog.

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yes, i have made those. they are in the links above.

I made this corner stop with dowel holes so I can take it off and put it back exactly. The holes without the dowels match the threaded inserts in my wasteboard, so I can screw it down if needed. The dowel holes are also milled into the wasteboard. You have to do a little measuring to get the dowel hole program lined up with the preexisting threaded insert holes, but it’s worth it. IMO

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Downloaded from your Etsy. Hope to cut out later today. Thanks for the inspiration.

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Doesn’t probing for XY zero at the corner defeat the purpose of the corner stop?

Carbide Motion does not let you store an origin so you would have to do XY at least once for a job. This feature was requested several times in the CM what you want to see thread.


Aaahhh, Carbide Motion.

My solution for this sort of thing is to use the Rapid Position points in Carbide Motion as origin points — each time I make a fixture I label it with a particular origin, or I machine a pair of holes in it which match two (labeled) origin points — roughly place the fixture, move to one of the rapid position points, jog down and adjust position of the fixture at that corner until the endmill just fits in the hole, secure that corner, then do the other, then go back and check and if need be, adjust the first. Then once it’s placed, finish bolting it down.

I’ve do that a number of times but unfortunately, some projects need a different point of origin to accommodate the workpiece for certain projects not to mention, it can be quite the workaround for a lack of what could be considered a basic feature in the software.

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