Correct tool definition settings for Carbide brand cutters 2

I am having trouble similar to Mr Hume. My original post was in his topic five days ago. I am not having the option to pick any cutter other than a .125 ball cutter. I would like to know where I can get the cutter info so I can add it to Meshcam.

I am a newbie and I have done the wrench activity. I would like to start start producing some of my own design ideas but cannot do them without Meshcam knowing the cutter to be used.

The earlier post mentioned about looking into plunge rate and chip speed varies with each material a cutter will cut. More tutorials would be appreciated of a video/youtube nature.

Pat Thomas

Editing cutters is done via the cutter selection dialog…

Cutter selection dialog…

Meshcam provides for you to Select Tool when Enable Finish Pass is selected or use the Toolpath Wizard to select a cutter.

I mentioned I am a newbie.

Where is the "Cutter selection dialog… " you mentioned? Is is part of Meshcam or Carbide Motion?
I would greatly appreciate more detail.

Disregard post.

Error finding cutters in Toolpath parameters but available under main window “Tools” which will then show up in Toolpath parameters.

Click on “generate toolpath” and when you select the tool for roughing, finishing, or pencil, you get the tool selection screen.

These are the settings I added for the #121 tool, in case someone’s still looking for this. (Also please correct these if I’ve made some horrible mistake ;D