Couldn’t Wait Any Longer (Sweepy Woes)

So I finally did it. I woke up yesterday and decided I could no longer wait for the Sweepy to be back in stock.

So I made a temporary dust boot. All with scraps, hardware that I’ve had in the shop and a piece of nylon brush left over from our new garage door.

This is the result.

I hope this will tie me over till the Sweepy is available!
Now to work on some Vic house management.


Be careful, making a plywood dust shoe is known as one of the early symptoms of “custom dust shoe addiction”, which leads to “endless quest for the perfect dust shoe”, which will consume many hours of your life. You have been warned ! :upside_down_face:


Already working on version 2.0 in my head. This next version will have magnets, 3D printed parts, and epoxy river edge finish. LOL