Couples of test on Shapeoko 3 test

Run the first tool paths with the Sharpie

Prepare another waste board on top with T-nut

Try 2D cutting from a online picture, with 1/8" endmill and 1/4" for profile.
Use 90 degree v-bit for the letters and filled with color wood filler.

Try 3D machining with 1/8" flat endmill and 1/8" ball nose endmill.

So far, using Artcam, for generating tool path and G-code. It looks OK for start,
but the finishing of the cutting are not good in detail.

Further plan will be;

  • find or design a pattern that I can use for testing different material, tools and settings ( including feed, stepover, plunge, and speed rate, as I am very new to CNC, and have rare experience on all these issures)

  • find a proper clamp design for holding different size of material.

  • practice for sanding, painting to make the result as ready for sale condition.

Hope learning from the community and improve my skill, any comments are welcome.


I’ve been using G wizard for feeds and speeds in wood with the Shapeoko xxl.
I use Artcam too. I’ll help any way I can, but I’m pretty new too, couple years learning.
Looks like you’re getting the hang of it.
Nice job.

I usually do a 10% step dwn/stepovr with a finishing ball mill, and the biggest one you can use, that will fit, will have the smallest scallop, and look the best.
Too large of step over gets large scallops, and too close will erase detail.
Try roughing at 0 degrees and finishing at 45 degrees.
Different combos like that also make a difference.

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