Cover plate over upper Z-Axis pulley?

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I have a Shapeoko 3 Sparkfun Edition. When trying to mount a Suckit Dust Boot, I noticed that my SO3 seems to be missing a cover plate that sits in front of the top Z-Axis pulley and is connected to the Z-Axis base plate via four 1" Standoffs. My SO3 has only the lower two of these standoffs.
What is the reason for this plate and should I re-create one? If so, are there CAD drawings of that plate?

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The plate seems to be on all SO3 XL/XXL but not on the SO3, is this correct?

That plate is part of the Homing switch kit:

The XL and XXL were released after homing switches became standard.

It should work on a Sparkfun, but you may have to fiddle with the connectors (or you could contact us at and buy a matching/updated controller board as well)

Okay, that explains it. Since I do already have homing switches, is there a way to get just a drawing of that plate so that I can have one created here in Germany?

I’m afraid we haven’t published drawings of the homing switch kit parts — it’s just a rectangle with 4 holes in it though whose spacing matches that of the holes in the plate — you’ll need an additional pair of threaded spacers I believe (I’d suggest getting 4 which have matching metric threads — early kits had spacers with Imperial threads).

I already have the spacers and the measurements for the holes, I am mainly interested in the width, height and thickness of the plate. Maybe somebody here in the forum can hold a caliper to his SO and provide these to me?

If no one else does, I’ll measure mine when I get home from my day job.

No hurry, it is not urgent :slight_smile:

Dimensions are:

90mm W x 55mm H x 2.75mm T

Hope this helps.


Many Thanks Patrick!

Contact the Sucket Dust Boot campany and they can supply the extra 2 standoffs you need.

I did that already and they where very helpful and send them to me at no extra cost! Very nice of them!

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