Cramps and a Sore Back Side

I bit off a big chunk to chew with this project. As you can see in the attached I have a hexagon cut from Poly. I cut the numbers on the back. It will be a “Coffee Table” game.

Would like some input from the group on how to color the numbers in a timely fashion. Right now I use a permanent marker, then rub with a rag that has WD40 in it to remove the excess.

I have 200 hexagons with 6 numbers on each. Yes, I thought of spray-painting the surface before the numbers are cut. But my quality control manager (wife) does not like that idea.

Any Ideas?

Fogot the photo


If you use a Lacquer Stick:

then you can just wipe off, no chemicals necessary.


I will have to look that up and try.


Not sure any quicker or cheaper but:

  • Sticky on vinyl, cut out numbers with a drag knife like stingray, peel off all but the numbers.

  • Diamond drag bit etch the surface

  • vbit cut numbers, shallow so that balance isnt impacted.

  • mount a suitable pen on your machine and get it to draw out the numbers


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