Crazy hardwood (mesquite)

I’m trying to mill ~5mm mesquite. As a test, I used the ball nose end mill (#101) and cut a few simple dome shapes. That went well.

I then tried cutting out a simple extruded 2-D heart using the square end mill (#102). That has not gone well. Towards the end of the cut, the piece consistently vibrates loose from the double-sided tape.

In MeshCAM, I’m using Tools / Carbide Auto Toolpath with Material set to Wood - Hard, Cutter set to #102, and Finish set to Higher Quality. I assume I need to adjust the step-over, feed-rate, and/or plunge rate but I have no idea what would be reasonable adjustments. Any guidance is greatly appreciated.

You could cut the feedrate by 25-50% and run it again. It may also help to wipe the wood really clean before putting the tape on there to make sure you’re getting all the adhesion you can.