Crazy idea what do you think?

Okay so… Been super busy and not had any time to play around. My son and I just took a scuba class :smiley: BTW… That did turn into two different small signs. After those are finished I will show them off.

I am back on my 3d flip jobs… And I know this is not functional but… I like weird art so thats okay… I. just spent this afternoon drawing this bowl up and have my basic idea down. What do you think? Should I cut it? :thinking:


Why not. My excess juice will run out so I can eat not slurp.

I enjoy art like this. Go for it

It would be a great design for a fruit bowl (which should be open so that there can be air flow).

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Some questions came to my mind.

How big is the area that holds it all together?

Art? Put some chips in there and everything that makes it different is covered up! :smiley:

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