Create 3.04 coesn't like Caslon in V Carve?

I drove myself nutz today trying to get Caslon to V Carve a 6 as part of an address in a house sign. I finally figured out that it was rejecting Caslon. It wants to V Carve only the inner portion of the 6 (see the attached) I haven’t checked out too many other fonts, but they appear to be fine. I can’t be certain, but I don’t think this happened in earlier editions.

This is an important font for my products… any thoughts / suggestions.

As a really short term fix could you invert a 9? the other option would be to create the shape in something like Inkskape and export it as an svg instead of lettering, should avoid confusion that way

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The problem here is that some fonts aren’t put together properly, and don’t follow the rules of winding — the 6 has a clockwise path for the outermost path, and/or a counter-clockwise path for the counter, when it should have a counter-clockwise path for the outermost path, and a clockwise path for the counter.

You can fix this by using a version of Caslon which doesn’t have this technical error, or by converting to paths in an app which will allow you to correct the path directions.

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Thanks Dan, I will give your idea a try. I develop most art in Corel Draw, convert to curves and export in svg anyway.

Thanks Will… wow, this is more convoluted than I thought. I’ll look for another copy and try Dan’s approach for the short term.

Yeah sounds like just making the text in a vector app may not fix it but it’s worth a shot.

Setting the text in a decently capable vector app which allows one to fix the outlines properly will work.

Another thing to try is to do a Boolean operation on the letterform in question.