Create software not working

I just downloaded the Create software intending to use it for CAM, it opens but does not click any of the buttons. On first opening it the screen was cropped 10% eliminating a portion of the green banner. After re-start I still don’t have it working.
The machine is a 2017 Windows 10, I 5 processor.

Any ideas?

OK, I now have it working, if I click 15mm below a field entry or button, it works, if I click on the button, it does not work, odd.

Also, is Create able to do CAM with STEP files, etc, from 3d models? I do not typically create 2d files, except for engineering drawings in 2d.


No, it is not for use with STEP etc. It’s essentially a 2.5d drawing program and can output CAM for that. It can import DXF (I think) and SVG line drawings.

There are a bunch of options for CAM off of models, but it generally means either a tool like Meshcam (from the same guy that does CC), or a CAD system (like Fusion360, which is free for hobbyists, and education). There are a bunch of other examples of tools listed over on the wiki.

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Thanks Mike!
I have gotten a copy of Estlcam v11 software, it seems to do what I want it to do (no CNC yet, just trying the software).

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