Create star inlay with vee carve

(Robert Bevers) #1

I have created inset stars (shape of US flag stars) on my project using a vee carve. Now I want to cut another piece of wood that is the complete inverse so that they will insert into the previously cut stars. I tried using the same vee carve bit (90 degree) with a tool path of “outside”, but it is not even close. The points are all rounded.

Has anybody else done this? If so, please tell me how you did it.

Thanks in advance,

(William Adams) #2

If you cut along the perimeter, with no offset, that should match up.

(Robert Bevers) #3

That is what I did. Same star, same V bit, but it ran VERY deep, and the ends of the star points were rounded.

(Robert Bevers) #4

Also, thank you very much for your reply!

(Neil Ferreri) #5

Is this in Carbide create?

(Robert Bevers) #6

Yes sir. Latest version

(William Adams) #7

You’ll need to get the zero set accurately at the surface of the wasteboard / bottom of the stock.

(Robert Bevers) #8

See how the points are not even and some are rounded?

(William Adams) #9

That’s because you have the path offset from the star.

You need a Contour | No Offset path which cuts from the surface to the bottom of the stock — Carbide Create can’t preview it, but it will cut with the tip of the endmill at the tip of the star which will be as sharp as yours is drawn.

(Robert Bevers) #10

OK, I will give that a try this afternoon. My stock is .75 thick. Should I plane it down to the thickness I want the inlay to be?

(William Adams) #11

Yes, you’ll want it to sit flush with the surface of the stock, so you’ll need the thickness to be inlay pocket depth minus glue line.