Create turns squares into circles

I’m trying to create a simple multi-tiered planter in OpenSCAD, export it in SVG format, and import it into Carbide Create. When I do, the square shapes are turned into circles.


screenshot of CC:!ArOiYztZLEYjgcMFWSgeshXEDN8cjQ

Any ideas?

I found the following discussion that sounds similar but the fix didn’t work for me:


scad file:!ArOiYztZLEYjgcMDlXJyOJSWB_kBWg

It looks as if Carbide Create has added code which recognizes shapes and makes them smooth — consider the many nodes of your files on import:

Contrasted with the actual circles which one gets:

Editing one node so as to remove the symmetry results in an accurate import:

I’ll put a bug report into our bug tracker and hopefully we’ll fix this (ideally by recognizing the squares as squares w/ chamfers and replacing them with geometry with that feature enabled).

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This is a game board I was just working on. The light areas are to be pocketed, and the text (and lock icons) will be laser engraved.

When you load the SVG into Carbide Create, it turns the octagons into circles. Here’s an affected SVG, which for some reason is being shown as absolutely tiny by the forums… :upside_down_face:


My workaround was to open one side of each octagon in Inkscape, import the SVG into CC, then close the curves in CC.

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EDIT: found the SVG

as noted below, this happens in 401 as well.

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I have 316 and 401 installed here, and it circles the octagons in both those versions. As you can see in your screenshot, the rightmost column that is made of regular octagons is turned into circles.

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My apologies. Misunderstood.

Thanks for the additional file — we’ll try to get this to a developer.

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Okay, being a developer, I couldn’t let you just send something without giving my best shot at getting some better test cases. So, here you go:


After playing around with the actual SVG data of a bunch of paths, I was able to replicate the “octagons become circles” glitch when the first and last points of the path’s d attribute were aligned to a horizontal line. In the attached file, I made sure there are no transform attributes in play, as those can obscure the effect. I have included each path twice, once with the final ‘z’ of the path data removed to show where the first and last points sit.


And just a bit more data… I can’t make polygons with 6, 10, or 14 sides turn into circles. On the other hand, 8-, 12-, and 16-sided polygons with the ends in a horizontal line turn into circles. I’m attaching another SVG and CC401 screen crop.


So, being divisible by four seems to be relevant, as does the location of the ends of the path that are connected by the ‘z’ (“and back to the beginning”) command in the path’s d attribute, although that doesn’t appear to be a requirement (given the attached screenshot in which all the octagons went circle).


Thanks everyone! I just removed the chamfers and they imported fine. It would be nice if the behavior was fixed at some point.

It should be fixed in the next beta release (when 401 is done).