Creating a project from clip-art

as requested on support…

Launch Carbide Create:

Set up the stock to match the stock which one will be using and how one will be setting zero relative to it:

Use Top of stock and Lower-Left for Toolpath Zero unless there is a reason to use some other setting.

click on the “Library” icon:

Select an image:

Adjust the size to match the stock:


Group Vectors so that the design can be moved as a whole:

Align Vectors

Center it to the stock:

Ungroup Vectors so that different elements can be handled in different ways:

When doing toolpaths one wants to start with small details from the inside and work towards the outside:



Use current selection

Select an appropriate tool and set the Max Depth


check the 3D preview:

Select additional elements

and assign further toolpaths:

Advanced Vcarve


Again, check the 3D preview:

Adjust as desired:

Repeat for remaining elements:


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Thank you for sharing this!

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