Creating a sketch that do not merge with other sketches

Hi guys,

I´ve been learning Fusion 360 for the past two months and still do not have a clear understanding on how things work sometimes. In this case, I need to create a mesh by carving horizontal and vertical lines, combined with holes over MDF and the challenge I’m having is that when I try to create the lines in F360, the software just convert the long lines into small areas where all the paths cross.

This is what I need to obtain:

When I create the horizontal lines, they do not merge with the already created and cut holes:

But, once I create the vertical lines, the software converts every space in small area, making it impossilbe to create a cut from side to side of the model for carving:


Any idea on how can a make these sketches separating one from another and avoiding the merge?

I hope I could explain myself on what I am looking for, for me it is difficult to put my thoughts into words :slight_smile:

Hi @anfonse,

Make sure you create the lines in a different sketch (on the same plane) than the sketch that was used to create the holes, then hide the initial sketch associated to the holes (click on the “eye”), and you should be able to only select the lines

That is something that I already tried with no luck: holes, horizontal and vertical lines are all in different sketches on the same plane. But when I create the last sketch for the vertical lines is when everything becomes merged

can you export your project to an f3d file, zip it and upload it here ?

Sure, here it goes (2.6 MB)

Even if F360 “hints” at those surfaces, if you position your mouse on the vertical lines you can still select (only) them.

If you go to Manufacture worspace, create a 2D contour toolpath, you can then for example select vertical lines individually (making sure to declare it as an open contour while you do it) and have the toolpath follow these lines.

Here’s an example with just a few lines selected, and using a 45° v endmill, and a -1mm depth of cut:

Here’s the edited project in case it’s useful to you (2.7 MB)

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That sounds great! Thanks for your help! I will continue with the design

Hi @Julien, just to let you know that I also found another way to create the lines. It was by creating a new plane over the face of the body I wanted to cut. It was an offset plane with 0 mm offset. In that way, the lines did not merge, and I could generate a cut to draw the whole lines from side to side :slight_smile:


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