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Does anyone have a file for an AR 15 speed loader for sale or share that works in CC? I do have one for VCarve Pro but I’m not familiar with that program at all or if it could be converted to be compatible with CC? Semi newb here. Thank you!

I don’t know if V Carve pro will work in CC but you can sure try to get it in. On another note if the file has the G Code maybe you can get that to the machine.

My opinion here. I don’t like the wooden speed loaders in that style. I prefer the Caldwell AR loader it is smaller and easy to store and loads the ammo faster from the box and into the mag.

I hope you can get the code for your project.


In Vcarve pro select the Vectors you want and export them as an SVG.
CC can open them as an SVG.

You can also use VCarve pro to produce the G-Code needed in CM.

On your top bar select “Machine” then go down to “Post Processor” and select Shapeoko.
I use VCarve desktop all the time to produce my Gcode for CM.

@avetrano Thanks. This wouldn’t be my first choice but who am I to pass up a potential sale while getting some practice on something new. Lol Personally, I don’t mind loading up one by one. There’s something satisfying about getting them in the mag all snug and cozy one by one. I’m not a competitive shooter and fit hasn’t hit the shan on the home front, yet, so I enjoy the time with my freedom seeds until I have to be in a hurry.

@SDGuy Much appreciated. I will definitely give this a try tomorrow.

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