Creating filets (radius corners)

How to create a radius corner (filet) when the adjacent lines curve away from each other after meeting @ 90°

See files for example of desired effect.
There is only one corner that I was able to get the radius by drawing a square, then creating flipped filet, then positioning over one of the corners, resizing the square with the flipped filet then using the Boolean subtract function to get the desired result.

This worked but is there a better, less convoluted method?

Knob, Simple.c2d (140.5 KB) Knob, Simple-1.c2d (143.7 KB)

Thanks, Bill

The easiest way to do this is to select your knob object then make an offset path inside I used 0.1" then make an offset path around the new path to the outside by the same distance. You major dimensions will be the same but there will be auto “filleting” of the sharp corners. Play with the offset distances to get the desire fillet size. I left all 3 vectors in the file so you can see the progression.Knob Simple offset inside then outside.c2d (855.0 KB)

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Since this is basically a circle, the way I’d do it would be to draw one section using the Curve tool, then rotate it all into place.

Unfortunately when you union things they will be converted into a polyline, and there’s no way to join multiple open polylines in Carbide Create. Probably best done in a 3rd party tool such as Inkscape or Serif’s Affinity Designer or a CAD tool.

Here is an SVG (may need to be scaled) which should match what you want:


.zip for easy downloading: (1.6 KB)

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