Creating text with a certain thickness

Hey! I’m trying to create a name sign out of flexible LED lights on 1/4" acrylic. I wanted to create a shallow channel for the text to route the LEDs. I’m having a hard time figuring out how to program that. I’m trying use handwriting script fonts.

Is there a way to create a centerline from my text and then create an offset that’s half my desired thickness for a pocket toolpath?

Pic for example of what I am trying to accomplish.

Are you using the led lights in the perimeter of the acrylic or are you trying to put the led lights inside of the text.

If you are trying to put the lights inside the text then convert your text to curves or make an svg out of it. You can use an offset to get what thickness you want and then delete the original image. Before you create the offset you may need to increase the letters distance in the text tool to compensate for the offset. That will be trial and error. So make your text and copy it and put it off to the side. Depending on the height to get the thickness the letters may get so big they wont fit on the setup. So the offset and spacing of the letters will likely work. I am sure one of our other members will have more suggestions.

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If the line thickness in the font is not consistent, I know of know easy way to correct that. Best bet is drawing in the centerline with a curve.
If the thickness is close enough, find the narrowest spot in each offset (T he M i ll ers) and add the offset to get the width you want.

I like Guy’s idea of lighting the perimeter. :wink:

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