Creating Toolpaths For Multiple Shapes

Total newbie here just starting out with my new pro xl. I’m working with Carbide Create trying to figure out the best way to cut out multiple copies of the same shape. Does each shape require it’s own tool path, or is there a more efficient way to achieve this since each shape is the same? Thanks to anyone who can offer some guidance.

If the toolpath type that you want to use (pocket vs contour, etc) is the same- and the objects aren’t contained within each other, just highlight (select) all of the objects you want to apply it to, and apply one toolpath. For the most part, that’s all you have to do.


Oh that’s perfect. Many Thanks!

There are also tools to take your GCode for one object, and replicate it multiple times so you don’t have to click/select/etc a bunch of objects, and also if you edit your one object you don’t have to re-edit all the copies - the tiler replicates your one object instead.

For example:

is a stand-alone tiler. There are also options for tiling built into other GCode senders - UGS for example.


And, if you use a stand-alone tiler, you can look at the GCode it creates to see if it looks right before you try it.


@Cadefoster84 Remember that, often, you don’t have to click select a lot of individual objects in your design. You can drag a rectangle around objects to select them - now, in two different ways (there was a usability enhancement a couple of months ago):

  • Drawing a box from the top-left corner will select all of the objects that fall completely within the box (and only those objects)
  • Drawing the box from the bottom-right corner (up) will select all objects, where any part of that object falls within the box (does not have to completely contain the object). This last technique allows you to pick out what you want in the selection more surgically. Then, of course, you can add in, or remove parts of that selection using standard pick-to-select techniques.

Thanks so much for the great info, very useful.

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