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Hi guys,

I’m after a bit of design help. My wife is an aspiring florist and she is doing a couple of exhibitions in a few weeks to promote her work and hopefully drum up some business.

I’d like to do something nice for her and make something that would ‘enhance’ her stand/stall at these events. However I’m shocking when it comes to the ‘creative side’. If was minimalistic and gill sans I’d be you man :smiley:

I was hoping someone might be able to help me create something cool going from her site?

I’ve got a bunch of wood, glue, metal, some black paint, aluminium and some clear perspex. I have no idea what to do with any of it other than a large-ish carve

and or instagram:

I also managed to find her logos from the computer.

Any help/ideas/inspiration would be greatly appreciated.



(Vince) #2

Have you thought about machining a male press die and doing custom embossed business cards? Could even engrave the detail beforehand. Annealed copper and thin aluminum take shape really well and would be different enough to not throw away.

I have some photo examples.

(Luke) #3

Yep, already done a card press out of aluminium for her using a modified logo.

I’m more looking for something to display on the stand though - more sign like :smiley:

(William Adams) #4

I like @Vince.Fab’s idea of an embossed copper business card — perhaps you could leave a blank area and put some holes in it so that it could be used as a species marker in a garden?

Something along these lines?

(William Adams) #5

Okay, in that case, my suggestion would be that you find out what the largest size she could make an arrangement at which would approximate the one in her logo, then make a sign which has her name on it, and a fixture to secure the floral arrangement to so as to recreate the entire logo as a sign in 3D.

You could use a sheet of Perspex to attach the letterforms to, and put a hole or fasten a container to it to hold the foam for the floral arrangement (size it to a standard one, or some even sub-division thereof)

(Josh) #6

Could do an LED sign for her to hang or stand up in her booth. Especially since it sounds like you have most things on hand already. A few youtube videos exist to help you get going.
I’d think a simplified logo cut out in wood layer on top, clear under that, and sand the face (with very fine sand paper) so the light catches/to give a more translucent look. Then hook up an LED strip along the outside or underneath as your preference.

(mikep) #7

I would vcarve the bottommost image without the flowers, about 16-18" in diameter, and she could use it on her stand. Should vcarve quite nicely. I’m sure someone has an idea for a different flower arrangement there that could be used too.

Maybe a little vase (think volkswagon beetle) to put some flowers into mounted in place of the flower burst on the image?

(Jason Morgan) #8

The edge lit LED sign is a winner. Especially if you could get LEDs in something close to that light scheme. It will draw the eye from a long way away.

(Carl Hilinski) #9

Just because even bad ideas can give birth to good ones…how about making some small planter boxes in the shape of the letters of her name and planting some type of small flowering plant in each?

(Temujin Kuechle) #10

Maybe, engrave some of her logo/art work into the Perspex/Acrylic sheet, then place LEDs along the bottom edge in a nice base?
An example:

(Luke) #11

Thanks for all the ideas guys, it was most needed. Whilst I liked the idea of a led sign it didn’t really fit the feel of a florist or her ‘brand’.

Things took a very different direction based on the idea of bigger is better…

This is the top of her new sign…

I built a base/stand from copper pipe as well. She will decorate the edges with with foliage. I also made an ipad stand from walnut for her to show off some of her work and a candle stick holder from more plumbing pipe.

The letters were individually milled from a 10x10cm beam that I cut cross sections from. Each one has a beautiful grain when you look up close.

(Luke) #12

And here it is all setup

(Griff ) #13

Really nicely done Luke. It’s nice to see couple so in tune with one another, too.

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