Creative people rally to me

Hello everyone,

Well after a disastrous log cabin makeover ( Someone - not me) forgot to leave an expansion gap big enough for 80mm of movement (that guy - who looks allot like me) then had to pull down the interior walls etc. That guy, yip was me has learnt something new!

That guy now also has about 102 meters of T&G Pine board 100mm wide 9mm thick. in lengths from 600mm to 2010mm lol similar to this

So my request is pretty simple i need to come up with something that I can run on the machine to sell for pennies, to try and get a little bit of money back.

Needs to be :

1 - simple short run cycles
2 - not require much finishing
3- jigable i am thinking more like this Jig rather than this Jig
4 - if possible something other than signs words etc i dont think i could cope running 29485849585 “LOVE” vcarves lol

interested what you people come up with because my brain has failed me :slight_smile:


I’m guessing they are probably 100mm wide and not 10mm wide?

My devilish side says “convert them into 90mm-wide versions of the same thing”. Chopsticks is another idea along the same line.

Pine, though… it’s flakey like cod. Maybe you could cut them into some single shape that could be use to build a variety of structures from it… I’m thinking of slots that would let you connect pieces together to make a wine rack, for example. Or bookshelves.

CNC aside, some creative staining lets you make these sorts of things which some people like:


Since it is pine why not try some simple coasters, little signs with pithy sayings. I saw a youtube video of a lady selling on etsy that said her best selling sign was “Have a nice poo”. I guess it was to hang in the bathroom. I thought that was an odd sign to hang up but she said it was her best seller. If you go over to Hobby Lobby that are always having a sale on some part of the store. They have a million signs that say Family, Love, Faith and so on and so on. May be go to a Hobby Lobby if you have one near by and take a few pictures for inspiration.


yip 100mm wide edited post i like that table though :slight_smile:

Find a rich guy with a fancy log cabin, sell him custom wall art like this using your pine boards



@Julien just as well i know someone just like that - and they have a CNC LOL

Why am I thinking that Jon is in his CAD program right now designing custom wall art for “Someone - not his” cabin right now… :slight_smile:

@Julien, funny enough a few months back that is the exact photo (or one very similar) I ran into when looking for ideas for home reno and I thought to myself, if I had a CNC machine I could maybe make something like this myself… 4 months later I have a Shapeoko in my garage.


I went to an art museum in Houston that had the artist from Paris that used alum slats painted in different hughes that changed color and shape from different angles. Very beautiful and yet technical in execution. All my taste is in my mouth.


How about a 3x4 or 4x5 piece children’s jigsaw puzzle?

You could provide just the pieces for children to draw their own picture for Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, birthdays, etc?


Use more of it per item:


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