Cribbage Board Holes

Has anyone one had any luck designing cribbage board holes in Carbide Create V7. I can create the holes in 2,3 or four lines but cannot figure out a way to get them to curve along random lines.
Am trying to create a unique design. I did see the post where a cribbage board was designed in Inkscape but want to try and do it in Carbide Create.
Thank You

Carbide Create doesn’t have a feature for placing features along an arbitrary path — you can place elements linearly or along an arc, but that would get tedious for anything which didn’t involve straight lines or arcs of a circle.

If you find yourself bumping into limitations of Carbide Create, you’ll probably want to consider a 3rd party drawing tool — Inkscape is quite good, esp. for being free — the usual commercial program choice is Serif’s Affinity Designer.

Hello William,
Thanks for the reply. Was looking at Inscape but didn’t know about Seriff’s Affinity Designer. Will look at that.

Do you have a specific “random curve” in mind? There’s a chance it’s not as random as you might think.
Can you post an example of the curve?

Since the holes are usually in groups of 5, what about creating a couple different groups of 5 using the array tools, then placing them along your curve?


Garry, Welcome

If you want to place three lines along a random curve, it’s definitely doable with alignment strategies and groups. Without a picture or drawing of the potential design it’s hard to address your specific wants.

By utilizing the grid size feature of Carbide Create you can layout your groups of 5 in a row and however wide (2 or 3) then take those groups and manipulate them to fit a spline or strait line or any other shape.

Most cribbage boards do not look like “over the hill and through the woods, to grandmother’s house we go”. Therefor, you will have some repeatable pieces that can be copied, flipped or rotated to create new sections of the board.

I’ve created a number of boards in different forms, circle, strait, fold over, terrain map overlays, shapes of States. All of them made in Create.

Throw out some further parts of your design. You’ll find this community is super supportive and willing to throw ideas at you. Hope you come up with a design that works.

For some Cribbage inspiration check out: Bill Muckle. That dude is making some killer boards. Bill Muckle (@whiskeytrailwoodwork) • Instagram photos and videos


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