Crotch Clock (Not What you are Thinking) Revisited

I had posted my clock in the gallery but the thread had closed. The project got delayed because the clock mechanism would stop at 1:15. I got a replacement clock and fitted it today.

When you make a clock you have to synchronize it. I put the hour hand on at 12:00 and that is a slip fit for most clocks. I then put the hour hand and adjusted the clock for exactly 12:00. I then move the hour hand (slip fit) to set exactly at 12:00. I then placed the second hand on at 12:00. I will let the clock run for a few days to make sure it works and keeps correct time. Then I will box it up with some spray foam and plastic and push the clock down in it. I will make a small box to go over the hands and so the same with some plastic and foam. It will then be mailed to my friend that gave me the mesquite tree I made the clock from.

I hung the clock on some screws on a shelving unit and will let it run for a few days. Here is the pic with the pendulum attached. The pendulum can be removed if the recipient does not want it.

Many of you may know about the Phone Link on Microsoft Windows but I only recently started using it. You open the application and you get a QR Code. You scan that code and it will take you to a site to sync your phone to your computer. I take a lot of pictures and I used to download them and then insert them into the forum and other applications. With the phone link software I just bring up the application and I can directly copy the picture and paste it in the forum. Very fast and simple. My photos are backup to google.

Here is a screen capture of the phone link app. You can also answer the phone and send and receive text messages on the computer screen. Why did it take me so long to start using it. Dooooh!!!

There is like a similar application for the Mac.


Thanks for the Phone Link tip Guy, I did not know this feature, installed it and it’s pretty convenient indeed.

Also: if you ever need to have a thread re-opened to continue it rather than creating a new one, just send me or @WillAdams a PM and we’ll do it for you.