CRV file in Carbide Create

I downloaded a .crv file, assuming I could locate a convert to .svg program, but cannot locate one that works.

Can anyone let me know if there is a way to convert and load a file like this into CC?

Crv is a Vectric file. I think that you would need Vectric software to open it. Extracting the vectors would be easy from there. I am unsure if the free trial software could do it but it might be worth a try. I know that I can do it in Aspire.

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Not sure if the trial version works. The desktop version allows you to export a crv as an svg.


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nope, just tried with the trial version, exporting is not allowed in the trial version. thanks for the suggestion though.

cannot export in the trial version.

You could post the file here and see if anyone wants to export the svg for you and repost it. There are a lot of Vetric users here. If that does not work then try the support to see if they will convert it for you.

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