Cry folly and let slip the dogs of war

Hey all so I built me a trebuchet lol more details and writeup to follow just firing it in the field now :grin::boom::boom::boom::+1:

Good clean lockdown fun current record is 45 feet not bad at all.

I bought the plans from for a couple of dollars well worth it IMHO (have no relationship with them)

and he has a video here too


** Edit for adding links to plans and tube video


Love it!
I made 10 catapults, many years ago, for all of the β€œkids” for our family Christmas time get together. That was a ton of fun having war.
I always wanted to make a trebuchet. It looks like your son is having fun learning.


Awesome ! I want to see a nightime fireball shot now ! :slight_smile:


My son and I made a catapult (not a trebuchet, but just a regular ole’ catapult!) and used a golf shaft as the arm. Oh man, could that thing send a round flying! Great father/son project :slight_smile:


Fireball - WHAT now why didn’t i think of this lol - kids are thinking that this is already amazing, now i add fire to the mix and i will achieve Grand Master Dad status #firebucketattheready


Like it… best send one to Warwick Castle in Warwick they have an original size … but yours looks better built

Thanks for posting! Looks like you guys had a lot of fun making it! Maybe a ballista for the next one? Maybe not a good idea… :rofl: