Cupboard Door Fronts

I’m sure I’m not the first to ask this question, but couldn’t seem to find it in searching…has anyone done a glue up and then cut a cupboard door front for a kitchen cabinet or drawer front? With the pro XXL it clearly is large enough. Any reason this wouldn’t work?

I don’t see any reason why it wouldn’t. The difficulty (if any) is in the design of fancy 3D molding on the door if you want/need those, but the milling part should be easy (it may take a while since this is a large piece). I’ll be watching this thread since I happen to have 15+ old kitchen cabinet doors to refresh and I plan to use my Shapeoko Pro XXL to do it (my plan is : use the machine to surface the door surface rather than sanding it, then carve the pattern I want, pour epoxy, surface again)


I will be watching this post to see how others suggest you layout the molding pattern from the top view. I suspect it will take the Pro version but it may be possible with the regular CC version. A lot of molding bits have bearings and you should not run bits with bearings. Even if you remove the bearing there is a stem that sticks down and would cause interference with cutting depth. There may some molding bits that have top bearings and you can usually remove a top bearing but I cannot think of any that I have seen.

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A cutoff wheel will remedy that.

The issue then is it is not a plunge router bit. Most molding bits are designed to cut from the side and not plunge in from the top. If you cut bearing part off there is no cutting flutes. Infinity Tools has some plunge bits for making bead details on plywood/mdf doors with a hand held router. So not sure if they have any 1/4" shank bits or not. Also Eagle America and MCLS have bits for plunging to make decorative cabinet doors.

Here is an example from Infinity but it is a 1/2" shank bit.

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I did a project on some cabinets I was cutting up for firewood. I did not get pictures of my attempt. I think it turned out well. I also axed the file.

It was meant to carve a design in the existing smooth face, then place a piece of colored poly on the back of the door. As I said, it looked good to me. The wife was not thrilled with what I had made. “I can’t see that type of door in my kitchen”

Good luck, I will also follow to see what comes of this.

As a married man you should have gotten pre approval. There are 2 types of married men, those who do as told and happy, and those who do as they please and are tortured. Sad but true.:grin:

I have found that with my machine it is safer to rough a project and ask. Is that like doing it then asking for forgiveness?

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