Curious about Drag Engraving

I would like to do some engraving on my nomad. I’ve been getting rather sad results with a non-variable-length engraver bit clamped in the collet so I’m convinced what’s needed is a spring loaded engraver bit. The two options are a cutting engraver, or a drag engraver. My question is this: if I opt for the drag-type engraver bit, will the increased lateral load on the ball screws wear out the anti-backlash nuts on the ball screws?


I don’t own a Nomad, but from the look of it it’s a pretty robust machine. I have done drag engraving on my SO3 though and from the look of it I’d say the loads are even less than when cutting. during drag engraving you’re barely pressing against the material, very little load at all. Again I don’t own a Nomad, but I would say it should be ok.



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