Cursed Microsoft Updates

My Carbide Create and Carbide Motion were running just fine until an automatic update from Microsoft for my Windows 10 system was installed. Now I can run either program until I try to run the other when I receive either of 2 MS error messages and I cannot run the programs until I reinstall them.

Carbide Create delivers the attached message…

Carbide Motion delivers this message:
Carbide Motion has stopped working.
A program caused the program to stop working correctly. Windows will close the program and notify you if a solution is available. (Nothing is suggested)

Very annoying… any suggestions would be appreciated!
Thank you!

You might try uninstalling and reinstalling both programs.

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Thank you, but I have tried this numerous times and it always reverts back to the same problem going from one program to the other.

You should be able to roll back your latest Win10 updates should you want this compatibility restored.

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Thanks… I’ll give that a try.

Jim & anybody else who may be reading this thread… DANG, this was a tough one! As it turns out, I had to completely uninstall both programs including the ancillary program files and drivers that don’t automatically delete and then reinstall everything. I do believe this problem was triggered by as MS update, but it’s working normally again (for now).


If only I could even install the CC update on my Win10 machine - Avast AV sees the *.EXE as a malicious file, and quarantines it immediately, refusing me access to it.

No such issue on any of my OSX machines (and therein lies a HUGE reason why I prefer Mac OS to ~anything~ MS has ever produced… but I digress!)

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I understand your frustration… apparently Avast does not provide a tool to make an exception? MS is definitely an exercise in LOVE / HATE!
Good luck, Don

Great work, Don… While time consuming, your persistence paid off. I’ve seen my share of features being trashed with MS updates… rollbacks can sometimes correct immediately, and your tactic was the correct one to rollback to a place where it works.

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