Custom "BitZero"

I don’t have a BitZero for my SO 4 and they seem to be always out-of-stock, currently with new supplies expected at end of April.

I don’t really need the X/Y-part but I find myself spending quite a lot of time setting the Z.

Since it’s basically a question of whether the loop is open or closed and the offset (probe thickness for Z) has anyone looked into creating their own simple BitZero?

I’m imagining something like surfacing a small piece of aluminum to act as the probe, a couple of cables - one for the mill and one for the aluminum-plate.

I guess it’s really a question of whether this is possible with Carbide Motion? (or something else)

(Just for clarity: I’m not looking for a way to not buy stuff from Carbide3d. But - as with a lot of things - there seem to be a shortage of supplies atm)

Yeah if you only need Z any conductive surface will do. The only catch is that the thickness of C3D’s bitzero is hardcoded in Carbide Motion, so if you want to continue using it for Z probing you would need to make your custom probe the exact same height.

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Great. Now I just need to buy a BitZero to measure it’s height :smiley:

Anyway, knowing me I won’t get around to doing this before they are back in stock anyways… :man_shrugging:

I see someone posted the dimensions of the original Bitzero. What are the dimensions of the Bitzero 2?
Are they both hard-coded in CM? Is there a setting for which one is being used?

I couldn’t tell you the dimensions, I don’t own one myself.
Yes both bitzeros dimensions are hardcoded in CM, and the Settings page has a section to select the BitZero type:


Cool. I suppose it will be easy enough to figure out once I have the machine.

25mm for Z, and (I think) 22mm if XYZ

Same as the original Bitzero? Shapeoko bitzero dimensions - #2 by LiamN

Dog River Tools sells one as well, it’s worked well for me.

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