Custom GUI for Light Repeated Manufacturing

We’re setting up a Nomad for light manufacturing. Basically we’re going to mill a single slot in one of 44 locations. I want to make it super simple on the operator so we have a touchscreen set up with a custom interface with an array of buttons and they just have to load the part then jab the screen and it just works.

My question is how should we go about feeding it to the machine? My first thought is to have this little program output gcode directly into the MDI interface on Cabide Motion. Has anyone done something similar or is there another method (.dll, API) that I’m missing that makes more sense?
I’m code illiterate so I apologize if I missed something obvious.


I believe I’ve listed all the opensource communication / control programs at:

It should be pretty simple to work up a Processing Sketch for an Arduino which does what you want using gctrl — I’d work up 44 different G-code files (that way any one could be used separately or up-dated) — and this will finally scratch my itch of someone doing a comm / control program in Processing.

I’d be surprised if there isn’t some easy way to do this in bCNC — if you know Python it ought to be.

There are a couple of CLI programs which you could use as well.