Custom Heng lamp

(Julien Heyman) #1


I have been wanting to try my own version of the Heng lamp for a while, here’s my current MDF prototype.

  • two halves cut in 10mm MDF and glued together, with a deep slot for an LED strip, and a shoulder for the LED diffuser strip.
  • cylindrical holders for two neodynium magnets
  • lamp turns on when both magnets are brought close to each other

The “switch” floating in the air is such a cool idea, I wish I thought of this myself. Hopefully since I did everything from scratch in CC and as I am (obviously) not selling this, I will not infuriate the copyright gods…

CarbideCreate files in case anyone is interested:
heng_v4.c2d (631.7 KB)
magnet_holder.c2d (529.4 KB)


(Patrick Andersen) #2

Brilliant Julien even if you did ‘borrow’ the idea.

Do you have a microswitch mounted in the base?

(Julien Heyman) #3

Yes, microswitch in the base.

(Patrick Andersen) #4

What is the LED strip you have used, it seems to have a bezel over the strip as I can’t see the individual LED’s.

(Julien Heyman) #5

The LED strip is a 5630 type, 60 LEDs/m
But what is visible in the picture is a translucent plastic strip added on top, about 1/4" above the LEDs, which diffuses the light and makes the individual dots disappear into a uniform strip of light.

(Patrick Andersen) #6

Thanks Julien. I guess that would have been evident if I had taken the time to look at the .cd2 file. Excellent thanks again.

(david) #7

Love the lamp and want to try one myself. Were you able to buy the plastic diffuser strip or did you cut it yourself? I’m not sure I could cut a thin plastic strip that accurately.

(Julien Heyman) #8

Hi David,
I bought the diffuser strip, it is easier this way. However it should be doable to cut it manually, since the diffuser strip goes in a slot, the edges do not have to be perfect.