Custom mailbox with aluminum number plates

Hi, working on a new mailbox, I designed one for my old house back in 2014 and had someone carve out the plates for me, long before I ever owned a cnc machine. Been at my new house for a while and am finally getting around to replacing the current one.
Using my past work as inspiration, I got busy in Fusion, these are side panels and a two sided topper that will fit perfectly on the same pictured aluminum XL mail box and will carve a 3rd side panel for a matching number plate for the front entry area of the house. Currently waiting on some materials to be delivered, will post more pics as I make progress carving on my new XXL Pro!
I used Comic Sans for a template, then sketched my own version over it, straightening, and spacing it to be less crooked and more even and refined with numerous scaling, height corrections, and other tweaks setup to fit a 1/16 bit in all the crevices.
I powder coat the plates then sand and polish the high spots for a great look. Lasts for years in the direct Florida sunlight…
Last to design will be a polished aluminum flag and a thumb pull I plan to carve on my Nomad 3, will see what I can come up with…


Wow, that’s super cool! I like it. I want to do this for my own house now.

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