Custom tool change text (G-code M6 T###) editing

I’m trying to set up Carbide Motion to allow changing of tools mid-cut using the M6 G-code command, as per the Carbide examples on my Nomad883. I’ve had a look but I can’t find an xml or txt file that defines the tool description on CM, e.g. M6 T103 is 125mil square bit. Does anyone know if this is possible or if that functionality is hard-coded into the .exe?


Our tools are hard-coded into the EXE since there are only a few of them to worry about.

The numbers match the tools we have in our store:


Hmm, that is very unfortunate. I just started playing with the Nomad883 in order to mill a PCB. I use flatCAM to generate my isolation, cutout and drill .nc files. And of course, I make use of different engraving, cutting and drillbits from different suppliers. It would be better if there was an option to add tools and their descriptions, because every time I have to change a bit (M6 Txyz) I get this messy message on screen.

All of the tool numbers on Carbide3D appear to be larger than 100.

We can add our own tools, right? If so, we can avoid collisions by staying less than 100?

Is MeshCAM download from the MeshCAM WEB site different than that provided by Carbide3D. Can we avoid the reserved numbers by using a “generic” MeshCAM?