Custom Tools for touch probe


is there a way to create own tools in carbide motion for the touche probe? I am using tools with metric measurements especially 2mm, 6mm and 8mm. I did not found any option to create a custom tool or something similar any way to do it or is it planned to add such standard metric tool measurements to the probe function?


I’m afraid that only the more common endmills sold by Carbide 3D are supported — for metric locals I’d recommend getting a length of precision ground rod of suitable dimension, using that for XYZ probing, then change to the tool which you wish to use and probe for Z.

Alternately you could use a more flexible 3rd party communication/control app.

thanks Will for the fast response, i currently do it with the included #201 and change the tools afterwards but unfortunately that’s not as accurate as i would like to have it. -any chance that more tools will make their way into motion in future releases?

That would have to be addressed by @robgrz @Jorge or @edwardrford or maybe @Luke

There is a recently closed thread that you can view regarding CM feature request for an upcoming re-write of the application. This was requested several times. @robgrz has not provided a timeframe for the new app.